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  • July 9, 2016
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Snake Tongue started up in 2014 releasing a 2 song demo and made their first live apperance sharing stage with Doomriders and Coliseum at the bar L’Orient in Linköping. In spring 2015 the band made a short tour in Germany and Denmark trying out their material and finding their approach. During the summer they finalized the recording of their debut album Raptor’s Breath. Most of the album was recorded in HoboRec Studio with Ulf Blomberg, and the remaining parts in Dead Sparrow Studio with Angus Norder. The show with Doomriders got the connection to GodCity Studios where Kurt Ballou (Converge) was given the job to mix Raptor’s Breath. The band then got in touch with Brad Boatright (From Ashes Rise) at Audiosiege to do the mastering and Mattias Frisk (Vanhelgd) to do the artwork. All artists are well thought out and choosen to help bring out the essence of Snake Tongue.

The layout for the band was created in 2011 when a band called Scorched Earth, was created and had within six months released a 7” and set out on a 47 days tour in eastern parts of Europe. Upon returning home the band gradually imploded, leaving only Martin Shukevich (Shades of Grey, Future Ruins) and a concept. In 2014 Martin went on and recruited Patrik Lindecrantz (Svartenbrandt, Restless Knights) on vocals, Samuel Enocsson (Grace.Will.Fall) on drums, Fabio Accardo (Radiance, Lothüs) on bass and Niklas Thorgren on guitar. As Fabio left the band Fredrik Petersson (We Might Say Farewell) entered on guitar, letting Martin switch to bass and backing vocals. With the line up settling and new members adding material and ideas, Snake Tongue now became something other than the original concept. Samuels drumming, Niklas riffs and Patriks lyrics and vocals all gave new dimensions to the sound. Ulf Blomberg that recorded the album was previous a member of Scorched Earth and played with Samuel in Grace.Will.Fall. That made Ulf perfect for catching and helping to create the sound of Snake Tongue.

Snake Tonge is today: Patrik Lindecrantz (Vocals), Martin Shukevich (Bass, Vocals), Samuel Enocsson (Drums), Niklas Thorgren (Guitar) and Fredrik Petersson (Guitar)

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